Christmas floristry portfolio

Words are not needed to express feelings.

Many people like our Christmas decorations. Christmas centerpieces and table decorations created by us emphasize the solemnity and festive nature of the holiday. We always combine traditional symbols of a given holiday period so as to refer to tradition in a modern way. During Christmas, we offer aromatic needles, colorful baubles, pine cones, dried cinnamon, apples, oranges and cardamom. And during Easter, we focus on the selection of spring flowers, blown eggs, moss, quail eggs and onion flowers, such as daffodils.

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Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a beautiful Christmas decoration that you can decorate a door, window, wall above the fireplace or put on the table as a beautiful headdress. Wreaths bring the atmosphere of Christmas to any interior. We always create our Christmas wreaths using natural elements such as fir, fragrant spruce twigs, moss. At the customer's request, we make a specific Christmas decor. Depending on the client's needs, we also create Christmas decorations of high-quality artificial material. They can be apples, pine cones, baubles, stars, fragrant gingerbread and aromatic spices. Our compositions also include wonderful Christmas ribbons and crystals.

Christmas centerpieces

The Christmas centerpiece is a Christmas composition that introduces the atmosphere of Christmas to any interior. So far, we have created Christmas centerpieces for individual customers and companies, also serving local media. Our Christmas decorations adorn houses, flats as well as lounges and hotels. The Christmas centerpieces we create are based on natural and high quality artificial materials, depending on the needs and expectations of the client. So far, we have created both basket reeds, beautiful flower pots, glass dishes and vases as well as elegant coasters.