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We are passionate about making beautiful more beautiful.

Horti Advisor comes from the fusion of the words - Horti, from the Latin hortus - garden, and from the English advisor - adviser, consultant. Which fits perfectly with the mission of the brand, whose main goal is to promote gardening and floristic knowledge.

The website is aimed at every plant lover. Cultivation, care, creating floristic arrangements, plants catalog, interviews with experts - everyone will find something for themselves. It does not matter if you are the owner of a huge garden or a potted plant. If you need practical advice, you've come to the right place! Our website will also familiarize you with the current trends in the world of floristry and gardening. Also, it will explain what hortiotherapy is and how plants have a beneficial effect on our health.

Horti Advisor is also a brand that provides services related to gardening and floristry.

Emilia Mikulewicz Horti Advisor

Our history

The Horti Advisor brand was founded in spring 2020 by Emilia Mikulewicz. From the beginning of our existence, we focused on building a blog and providing reliable information from the horticultural and floristic industry. In 2021, the English version of the website was created and we started building an e-catalog of plants. Currently, Horti Advisor's social profiles are tracked by a total of over 15,000 floristry and gardening lovers.

,,We create plants world around You"
Emilia Mikulewicz

Brand founded on a girl's dream

The story of a girl from the small town of Gulb, located in Poland in the historical land of Warmia, famous for its agricultural traditions. Love and passion for gardening and flowers, continuous development, entrepreneurship, persistence, willingness to share and disseminate knowledge about plants. She always spent time in the backyard garden, putting up stones everywhere, arranging her first rockery at the age of 4. Founder of Horti Advisor, doctor of agricultural and horticultural sciences, florist with over 10 years of experience. The use of knowledge and artistic skills has become her greatest passion.

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Brand founded on a girls dream - Horti Advisor