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Established in 2020, Horti Advisor provides a wide range of information from the world of horticulture and floristry. Here you will learn about the current trends in gardening and floristry. You will also learn what horticultural therapy is and how plants have a beneficial effect on our health. In addition, you will find interviews with experts, a solid dose of knowledge in the field of plants cultivation, guides, hints & tips, and much more.
The website is a kind of knowledge, information and experience base that can become an inspiration for every florist and green enthusiast.
The name Horti Advisor comes from a fusion of the words - Horti, from the Latin hortus - garden, and the English advisor - adviser, consultant.
Horti Advisor's mission is to spread knowledge about horticulture and florstics and their impact on human life and health.

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Horti Advisor covers floristics and gardening. Explore the world of flowers, surrounding us greenery and stay up to date with the latest news from the industry.

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