Other flower projects

Floral head wreaths

A floral head wreath is a subtle, feminine decoration that is more and more often chosen as an element of a wedding arrangement, hen party or themed events. Our proposals are usual a combination of seasonal flowers with lush greenery. We created floral head wreaths for weddings, hen parties and communion wreaths, as well as wreaths for stylized photo sessions.

Flower bracelets

A flower bracelet can easily become a replacement for traditional jewelry. Not much is enough. Even a single eustoma flower with an admixture of delicate accessories can complete the whole outfit. We have already created many flower bracelets for various occasions such as: wedding, prom, event.

Brooches for groom

A brooch, popularly known as a boutonniere, is one of the obligatory elements of a floral wedding setting. Traditionally, it was assumed that the brooch should refer to the entire wedding arrangement. Our sophisticated proposals for wedding brooches were made of flowers referring to the entire event flower arrangement.

Bridal hair comb

If the bride resigns from a floral head wreath, we always offer her a fascinator or a tasteful flower comb. Bridal hair comb can be easily attached to the hair, creating a harmonious whole with an elegant hairstyle.

Wedding bouquets

Who said that a wedding bouquets must be made of flowers in light, pastel colors? The wedding bouquets should refer to the character and personality of the bride, and should also match the beauty, figure and dress of the bride. Therefore, the start of each of our wedding implementation is preceded by an in-depth interview, so as to satisfy even the most demanding client.

Wedding arrangements

The arrangement for the bride and groom's table is one of those decorations that should not be missing during the wedding ceremony. The arrangement, like other flower decorations, should fit in with the whole and character of the wedding. The most popular decorative motifs we create are large compositions of fresh flowers, placed in the center of the table in front of the newlyweds.