The wedding of Sylwia and Artur


The implementation of a floral wedding setting for Sylwia and Artur in Giżycko is a unique floral atmosphere. The main theme of this magical event was a reference to the style of boho and folk. Wedding arrangements were made of seasonal, summer flowers interspersed with a lot of eucalyptus and ruskus. In creating floral decorations, we used subtle roses, peonies, brumas, alstromes and astilbes. The whole is finished with folk ribbons in shades of pink. The attention to the smallest details and the combination of tradition with a hint of modernity made this event definitely stay with us for longer.

According to tradition, it is the groom who hands the wedding bouquet to the bride. It was no different during Sylwia and Artur's Wedding.

Sylwia's wedding bouquet

Peonies, roses, brumia, astilbe, eucalyptus, ruskus are the basic species that made up Sylwia's wedding bouquet. Carefully selected flowers in a subtle shade of pink and ecru are combined with an elegant accessory - brumia. Referring to the tradition, at the request of the bride, we added airy ribbons that create a concise and unique whole wedding arrangement.

Bridesmaid wedding jewelry

The bridesmaid's wedding jewelry, i.e. a floral bracelet, was created on the basis of subtle roses, which as the main element were placed in the central part of the composition. To add character to the bracelet, we finished the whole thing with plant additions.

Wedding floral hand bracelet
Floral hand bracelet

Wedding jewelry

On this special day, Artur also chose sophisticated floral jewelry in the form of a boutonniere, the main element of which was a subtle rose surrounded by ruskus and hummus.

Men's wedding jewelry
Men's wedding jewelry

Wedding table arrangement

The main element of the room's decor was a composition for the table and a wall behind the Young Couple. Everything is made of fragrant seasonal flowers with a large portion of greenery. The arrangement uses ruscus and eucalyptus twigs as well as roses, astilbe and alstromera.

Artur anWedding table arrangement
Wedding table arrangement

Bridesmaids bouquet

The bridesmaid's bouquet, although slightly smaller, is supposed to refer with its beauty and colors to the Bride's bouquet. The whole is complemented by colorful ribbons, introducing a touch of freshness and romance to the styling.