Floral wreaths portfolio

Everyday life decorated with passion.

So far, we have made hundreds of floral decorations in the form of wreaths. These were both individual orders and the implementation we proposed. We made seasonal and holiday wreaths, both from living material, dried and herbs as well as high-quality artificial material. We created: floral door wreaths, wreaths suspended from the ceiling and wreaths lying as a headdress. So far, our floral arrangements have decorated the interiors of houses, apartments, but also shops and elegant salons. See below our previous projects of floral wreaths.

See our previous floral wreaths projects

Spring wreaths

Spring wreaths are a subtle, delicate and original decoration that invites spring to any interior. See below our previous spring wreaths projects.

Summer wreaths

The summer wreaths we create are both wreaths made of inanimate material, as well as wreaths of herbs and mixed wreaths. We combine in them seasonal plant material in the form of flowers, colorful and aromatic leaves and sublime shoots.

Autumn wreaths

Our autumn wreaths proposals combined the characteristic elements of the season which is spring. We made wreaths using: pumpkins, twigs, dried grass, ears of grass, autumn fruit, shoots and leaves. See below our previous autumn wreaths projects.

Winter wreaths

Our winter wreaths projects are not only decorative wreaths but also Advent wreaths. So far, we have created traditional winter wreaths and compositions in a more modern form, based on plant and decorative materials typical of that period.