Florist tips & tricks

Florist tips & tricks is a section containing inspiring tips on creating and caring for flower arrangements. Here you will learn how to create interesting flower arrangements step by step. You will also find here inspiration and interesting facts from the world of floristry.

Regardless of the level you are at, it is also a database of knowledge and advice on the use of widely available products. In the florist tips & tricks section, you will learn about florist tools and accessories that facilitate the work of creating floral compositions and decorations.

How to dry lavender?

The main decoration of lavender are beautiful flowers with a captivating fragrance. Check when to harvest and how to dry the lavender inflorescences to preserve their color and aroma.

Rose color meanings

Everyone knows that red rose is a symbol of love and fidelity. Find out what is the symbolism of the other colors of rose petals.

How to dry flowers and plants?

Drying flowers and plants is a great method to extend their decorativeness. Check out the most effective methods of drying flowers, herbs and grasses recommended by florists.

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