Floristry Tips & Tricks

Christmas floristry is a section of inspiration covering holiday compositions for Christmas. These include Christmas centerpieces, Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, as well as pot decorations.

The history of decorating trees in winter goes back to pre-Christian times. Christmas trees have been with us for a short time in their present form. Previously, houses were decorated with twigs suspended from the ceiling or ornaments made of grain stalks, and with time apples, candles and cones.

The first baubles appeared only in the mid-nineteenth century.
In the past, Christmas decorations were supposed to ensure prosperity and happiness. Currently, when decorating the apartment with Christmas decorations, we try to make them primarily decoration.

At HortiAdvisor you will find information on the symbolism and traditions of Christmas. You will learn how to make stylish Christmas decorations, Christmas centerpieces, Christmas trees and garlands yourself, with which you can decorate your own space. It is also a compendium of knowledge about Christmas trends and the care of Christmas indoor and outdoor plants.