Garden plants

Garden plants

Garden plants is a section covering the cultivation of ornamental annuals, biennials and perennials, as well as trees and shrubs that you can grow in your own garden. Garden plants are, for the most part, ornamental plants that are cultivated for decorative qualities such as flowers or ornamental leaves

The first documented gardens in which plants were planted for decorative purposes existed in ancient times. Today's gardens differ from those from years ago, but the aesthetic senses by using the beauty of garden plants remain unchanged.

Here you will find detailed information on the cultivation, requirements and application of ornamental plants that can be grown in the ground. It can be also a knowledge base about the varieties, care and protection against pests and plant diseases.

Top 10 purple plants for your garden

Plants with purple flowers are more and more often found in city flower beds and home gardens. It is an exceptionally attractive color that contrasts sharply with the green leaves. Discover 10 best species of purple plants for your garden.

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