Gardening basics

Gardening basics

Gardening basics is a collection of articles and advice on gardening. It is also an extensive section containing basic concepts and information about plants.

Here you will find interesting facts and information about cultivated herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit plants. We will help you get to know the world of plants in an easy and accessible way. We will suggest which techniques to use when taking the first steps in gardening and answer basic questions about plants.

Getting started with gardening can be difficult. We believe that our information, supported by knowledge and experience, can help beginners with their path in the gardening world.

Do ferns produce pollen?

Ferns are great ornamental plants for interior decoration as well as for purifying and humidifying the air. Although they do not produce flowers, they can be a source of allergies.

Tomato - fruit or vegetable?

Each of us knows the taste of tomato very well. From the botany point of view, the tomato is a fleshy berry, which undoubtedly suggests its belonging to the category of fruit. However, due to its low sugar content, it is classified as a vegetable. So, is the popular tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

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