Horticultural therapy

Horticultural therapy

Horticultural therapy is a relatively new field of alternative medicine that uses the garden as an essential tool for healing and soothing thoughts. Garden therapy consists in carrying out small gardening works and using the stimuli that lie dormant in plants to stimulate all human senses.

The ancient Hippocrates of Kos noted the first records of the beneficial influence of nature on man. However, the main motivator contributing to the development of garden therapy were world wars, after which soldiers were rehabilitated in hospital gardens. Currently, thanks to the positive influence of nature on the human body, horticulture is an increasingly popular alternative form of occupational therapy.

At HortiAdvisor you will find information on the history of horticultural therapy and the use of the beneficial effects of plants on human life and health. We will tell you how to easily use the potential of plants grown in the garden to create a bed that stimulates the senses of people staying in it. This section is also a compendium of knowledge in the field of herbal medicine, ergotherapy, aromatherapy, art therapy and chromatotherapy, which are also part of horticultural therapy.

What is horticultural therapy?

Have you ever considered an alternative to traditional remedies? What if such an alternative means spending time or working in the garden? Find out what horticultural therapy is.

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