iFarm & Opus 2G Revolutionize Horticulture: World's Largest Vertical Farm to Rise in Mexico

In a groundbreaking move, iFarm and Opus 2G Group are crafting the world's biggest automated vertical farm in Mexico's Tehuantepec, setting new standards in sustainability and turbocharging Mexico's vibrant economy.

iFarm & Opus 2G Revolutionize Horticulture: World's Largest Vertical Farm to Rise in Mexico

From the heart of Abu Dhabi, a significant collaboration has emerged that promises to revolutionize agriculture and boost the economy of Mexico. iFarm, a leading innovator in vertical farming technologies, has joined forces with Mexico's Opus 2G Group. Their ambitious objective is to construct the world's largest automated vertical farm in the Smart City of Tehuantepec, situated in the dynamic region of Oaxaca, southern Mexico. This pioneering venture will lay the foundation for a cutting-edge cultivation area of an impressive 38,500 square meters, marking a new era in sustainable farming practices.

iFarm, an established name in the realm of vertical farming, has its roots deeply embedded in the integration of technology with agriculture. The company, founded in 2017, focuses on IT-driven plant growth within a controlled environment. With a growing network of operational and under-construction farms spread across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, iFarm commands a total cultivation area of more than 13,000 square meters. Their strategic focus is now turning towards the MENA region, demonstrating a commitment to global expansion and innovation.

This significant project forms part of the broader Smart Industrial Corridor Benito Juarez (CIINT) initiative, which seeks to stimulate economic growth in Mexico's southeastern states. Backed by the State of Oaxaca's government and led by the Opus 2G Group, the initiative plans to connect the ports of Salina Cruz in Oaxaca and Coatzacoalcos in Veracruz, leveraging the power of connectivity for economic advancement.

The Smart City of Tehuantepec is envisioned to be the nexus of this economic growth, accommodating over 170,000 residents. The city, planned from scratch, will rise 40 kilometers away from the Salina Cruz port, blending innovation and opportunity in the heart of Mexico's rapidly expanding economy.

The jewel in the crown of this Smart City will undoubtedly be iFarm's automated vertical farm, which will employ the cutting-edge iFarm StackGrow technology. It is designed to cultivate over 35 types of leafy greens and microgreens through a hydroponic vertical farming system. With an expected monthly yield exceeding 288 tons of premium crops, this automated vertical farm sets a new precedent in agricultural productivity.

The excellence of iFarm's endeavors hasn't gone unnoticed. The company has been awarded the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label, testament to their commitment to profitability and sustainability. This latest venture with Opus 2G Group aligns perfectly with their mission to reshape farming practices on a global scale, providing a major boost to Mexico's thriving economy.

By 2028, Opus 2G Group and iFarm envision the construction of 22 automated vertical farms in the Smart City. These farms are set to grow a wide array of crops, including berries, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and medicinal plants. With a shared aspiration to develop an indoor farming system for coffee and cocoa beans, this collaboration promises to set a new benchmark in sustainable agriculture, mirroring the robust growth and dynamism of Mexico's economy.

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