Indoor plants

Indoor plants

Indoor plants is a section on the cultivation of plants that can be grown in pots and containers indoors. They are used to decorate rooms and allow people in their surroundings to come into contact with nature.

Indoor plants are perennials, as well as slowly growing trees and shrubs, which are distinguished by aesthetic values ​​such as the original habit, impressive foliage or flowering. The development of indoor plants followed the colonization, when exotic species of ornamental plants that decorated palaces and castles began to be imported to Europe. Only from the nineteenth century, potted plants appeared in the homes of the townspeople. The tradition of being surrounded by greenery has survived to this day. It is believed that a house full of plants is not only more beautiful but also healthier.

At Horti Advisor we provide not only valuable information on growing potted plants, but also a compendium of knowledge about the positive aspect of indoor greenery. We will share with you the history, symbolism and practical possibilities of using indoor plants. We will also suggest how to combine species so that they do not compete with each other for light, water and space.

How to grow and care for an aloe plant?

Aloe is a forgotten indoor plant that has been making a comeback recently. No wonder, because its low requirements will appeal to many modern women. Check how to grow and care for aloe to enjoy healthy and beautiful plants for many years.

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