Master Florist on its way of building strong florist community that will have an impact on the entire industry

Mark Doyle - co-founder of Master Florist, about the closest platform goals, how to become a Master Florist member, and the direction in which the floristic industry is heading.

Master Florist on its way of building strong florist community that will have an impact on the entire industry

Mark Doyle is an IT industry expert and an entrepreneur with many years of experience. Born in New Zealand, currently residing in Switzerland. He was associated with the florist industry for over 19 years. Passionate about crafts and family businesses with traditions. Co-founder of the innovative online platform Master Florist associating with over 50,000 florists and florists worldwide. The Master Florist initiative is based on the concept of community and cooperation. The range of Master Florist currently covers over 100 countries around the world. Over 170,000 people already follow the official Master Florist profile on Instagram.

Horti Advisor: You are an entrepreneur with experience in managing and running a business, primarily in the IT industry. From where did the idea for establishing the Master Florist organization come?

Mark Doyle: The idea to set up the Master Florist organization was born from an attempt to create solutions. By solutions, I mean some problems I encountered while working for Fleurop-Interflora and the desire to strengthen local businesses. I appreciate the skills of local floristry businesses such as florists. I appreciate their influence and involvement in the development of the local community, both practical and economical.

As globalization progresses, the business world is increasingly consolidating and moving online, and running a local, independent business becomes more and more difficult. At Master Florist, we firmly believe that cooperation in a modern way between local florist businesses will strengthen and bring vast benefits to the entire industry.

Master Florist at IPM Essen in February 2020. From the right Mark Doyle, Jan Huisman - co-founders of the Master Florist platform.
Master Florist at IPM Essen in February 2020. From the right Mark Doyle, Jan Huisman - co-founders of the Master Florist platform.

HA: From the perspective of someone who is committed and successful in the online florist business internationally, what character traits would you consider essential in achieving your business goals?

MD: From the very beginning, it is worth making sure that what you are doing matters and has a purpose for you and others. Then it would be best if you had a little luck and persistence.

HA: Getting to know your story before the interview, the slogan 'Get together, grow together' caught my attention. Can you describe it?

MD: One of the main ideas of Master Florist is that by connecting florists, as well as the entire flower industry, we create opportunities for development for everyone. Education and the exchange of experiences between florists are essential aspects. However, as activities develop and more partners are supported, we also create better economic opportunities.

Master Florist team

HA: What is the primary purpose and idea of Master Florist? What distinguishes Master Florist from other organizations of this type?

MD: From the very beginning and at the core of our values, we are a flower business movement. Everything we do is aimed at the development of floristry and florists around the world. In a way, we can be compared to floristic relationships. However, as independent, we can also deal with commercial activities essential to the florist industry.

HA: The floristic industry is challenging. Are florists willing to join Master Florist?

MD: Yes, we are very grateful for the support we receive from florists and all businesses. They can join us and take advantage of our communities and services. We also help in profiling and increasing the range of florists, which translates into a positive reaction among all florists.

HA: Can anyone associated with floristry become a member of Master Florist? What are the requirements to become part of the largest floristic community?

MD: Florists and flower companies can join us for free. We want to be open - each market has different standards and practices. It's best to be versatile and create an environment that fosters good designs and skills.

HA: Master Florist's reach in social media is impressive when we look at the number of followers. It certainly took a lot of work to reach such a large audience. In retrospect, what would you consider the most critical factor in the platform's marketing success?

MD: Let's say we've had some happy moments so far. First of all, the tremendous support of our flower community. Secondly, our persistence in achieving our goals has contributed to our success.

HA: Do you think that in the 21st century, adapting a stationary florist to selling online is necessary? What do you think are the prospects for an online flower business?

MD: Recent COVID-19 events have highlighted a trend where many consumers expect to sell online. Currently, for many companies related to the floristic industry, it is only a part of their sales activities. We are convinced that most florists need online sales.

From our experience, we know that people or companies that stand out in the market of floristic services, who have a unique offer or are consistently heading in the right direction, ultimately succeed.

HA: Which part of the world do you think has the most significant potential for the floristry industry today, and why?

MD: Eastern Europe and Asia have made great strides in recent years. There is still great potential in most of these markets. However, given the early stage potential, Africa and South America need to be more represented in terms of floristics.

HA: Each of us has our preferences when it comes to floristry. Do you have your favorite style in floristry or the florist whose projects you like the most?

MD: There are so many talented florists and designers in our network that it is difficult for me to identify such a person. After seeing so many unique designs, I have very different tastes.

HA: Will you tell us what are your immediate plans related to the development of the Master Florist platform? What direction are you going?

MD: Yes. We actively develop our communities and members and strengthen industry partnerships. We will continue to improve the services we offer to florists on our platform in the future, as a strong florist community will positively impact the entire industry. We have many great ideas, but finding all the time for them takes work.

Master Florist team

HA: Master Florist has been in existence since 2015. How do you evaluate the development of the floristic industry in the world over these five years?

MD: A lot of positive changes have taken place in recent years. Eastern Europe and Asia have made great strides in skills and design, and I follow many amazing florists and designers from these regions. There are certainly still challenges to running a florist business. Still, flower business owners always look for new ideas and business models.

MD: I am also glad that more and more florists bring a lot of value to their work through creativity and design skills. It remains to be seen how the current pandemic will affect the industry over time. However, after some initial problems and complications, it seems the industry is doing better than others.

HA: What do you wish for a Master Florist soon?

MD: I wish we could achieve our goals faster. Indeed, if any of your readers believe in our mission and thinks they can help our community, we would love to cooperate with them!

HA: Is there anything you would like to tell your readers, beloved ones?

MD: First, I would like to thank our florist community and industry partners for their trust and support!