Emilia Mikulewicz

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„The passion for plants and their use made floristry and gardening a source of inspiration for me, thanks to which my passion turned into a lifestyle that I try to infect others with."

Emiia Mikulewicz Founder Horti Advisor

Learn with passion. Live with purpose.

During my doctoral degree, I conducted a number of interesting studies on the impact of the cultivation method, species and even plant varieties on the content of nutrients and anti-nutritional compounds accumulated in their edible parts. They resulted in a number of publications, namely 32 items in total, including 5 publications in journals from the Philadelphia List, 12 original papers in peer-reviewed journals from the B-list, 2 chapters in monographs and 13 publications in conference materials.

Hortiotherapist out of the need to take care of health.

For over 10 years I have been trying to use the energy and health of plants, especially herbs and vegetables. Their versatile use and health benefits are underestimated. Therefore, the topic of my doctoral dissertation was the husk tomato (Physalis ixocarpa Brot. Ex Hornem.). Plants stimulate all human senses. Not only the taste buds. I have always known that what grows in the garden is the most valuable and the tastiest, and that plants heal us and our soul through sensory interactions. During my doctoral studies, I conducted a number of experiments, both field and laboratory research, assessing the composition and nutritional value of the plants I tested. The result is scientific articles, which I am the author and co-author.

Hortiotherapist Emilia Mikulewicz

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