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We offer cooperation in the field of floristic and gardening workshops, as well as the promotion of your brand and product. Classes in the form of gardening and floristic workshops are conducted by the founder of the Horti Advisor brand. Emilia Mikulewicz gained the experience and knowledge needed to implement the workshops and thematic classes during her doctoral studies. The unusual approach to the fun and education of her meant that we have many ideas for you for creative gardening and floristic workshops with people of different age groups. Our workshops are educational and develop new skills.

Gardening workshops

Gardening workshops

We love to share what we can. Sharing knowledge and promoting gardening is pure pleasure for us. We prove that despite its complexity and mystery, the world of plants is not as complicated as it seems to us. We conduct gardening workshops and lectures for children, students and more mature people. If you want us to come to you, do not hesitate and contact us today.

Gardening workshops offer

Floristry workshops

Passion, knowledge and experience are the golden recipes for a successful floristry workshop that we run. Graduation of a floristic school, a florist's diploma and over ten years of active practice in working in a florist. All this means that the floristry workshops conducted by Emilia Mikulewicz provide a large dose of knowledge, which the teacher will be happy to share with you. We conduct numerous floristic thematic workshops based on what is most beautiful in nature. We specialize in workshops based on harmony and the philosophy of no waste and ecodesign. Nature opens up numerous possibilities that are hard to see in our daily rush, and which we try to use during our floristry workshops.

Floristry workshops offer
Florist workshops
Advertising and promotion

Advertising and promotion

If you run a business related to gardening, floristry or other related disciplines and would like to cooperate in the sale of products or promotion of your brand, please contact us. If the philosophy of your business or product coincides with our philosophy, we will be happy to cooperate with you. We are open to all forms of cooperation.

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