Rose color meanings: The hidden symbolism of every rose color

Everyone knows that red rose is a symbol of love and fidelity. Find out what is the symbolism of the other colors of rose petals.

Rose color meanings: The hidden symbolism of every rose color

The history of rose symbolism

Roses are undeniably the queen of flowers. These beautiful shrubs belong to the Rosaceae family. Thanks to the wide range of colors, they are often grown as monochromatic garden roses. The rose has many symbols, mainly due to its colorful petals. Therefore, choosing a bouquet of roses takes time to decide on the most suitable color for the flower. The history of flower symbolism is long.

The tradition of giving flowers dates back to ancient times. In the Middle Ages, lovers used flower bouquets to send each other extensive declarations of love because the church of that time stigmatized public displays of affection.

Luther rose
An example of the use of a rose as a symbol is Luther's rose. A symbol of the Protestant Reformation, designed and described by Martin Luther himself.

It is generally believed that King Charles XII of Sweden first introduced flower coding. Sometimes even military information was transmitted in this way. In the Victorian era, books were written describing how to arrange individual species of flowers and their colors. And all this in order not to arouse suspicions and to convey all messages.

Now, there is no better way to send a heartfelt message than a traditional rose flower, which expresses more than a thousand words spoken. It is a universal flower you can give to a friend, family member, or someone special.

Red rose color meaning

The red roses are the most famous flowers in the rose family. The red rose has been a classic symbol of love and passion for centuries. Its deep red hue is associated with the depth and power of love, admiration, devotion, and respect. The red rose is the perfect way to express deep feelings of romance, from heartfelt declarations of adoration to thoughtful expressions of appreciation.

Romantic red roses in a vase
Red roses can be a great decorative element of the interior, introducing a romantic mood.

As a romantic gift, red roses are guaranteed to make anyone feel special - both in sincere and platonic relationships. Whatever their meaning, red roses are powerful reminders that no matter how fleeting or fragile our affections may be, they will always contain strength and permanence.

Bouquet of red roses
Bouquet of red roses

In the Christian religion, red roses are associated with martyrdom. Especially the martyrdom of Jesus Christ, where the five-petalled flowers symbolize the five wounds, and the thorny stem represents the crown of thorns.

Burgundy roses meaning

Burgundy roses symbolize commitment, gratitude, and loyalty. Burgundy flowers represent a passion even deeper than red roses. That's why it's the perfect color to give to your loved one to express your feelings.

Biedermeier style bouquet of burgundy roses
Burgundy roses are often used for formal bouquets.

White rose color meanings

For centuries white roses have been used to symbolize innocence and purity, and the color of the white roses has become associated with true eternal love, new beginnings, and everlasting love. White spray roses are often used to mark essential statements, such as marriage proposals or newly-formed unions. The white roses represent peace and youthfulness. The white roses are suited for reverent occasions. When an occasion calls for respect, a bouquet of white roses is the perfect way to go.

A bouquet of white roses with elements of cut greenery
A bouquet of white roses with elements of cut greenery

Ivory rose color meanings

Ivory roses symbolize purity, modesty, and innocence, making them the perfect choice for a delicate gesture of appreciation. A subtle hint of ivory can also represent charm and grace when presented with other shades of ivory and whites.

There is something undeniable about ivory roses that make them even more attractive: their classic simplicity. Without any loud or bright hues, ivory roses provide a timeless elegance to any special occasion. Also, ivory roses tend to last longer than other flower varieties—so no matter how far away you are from your intended recipient, they will appreciate its simple beauty for many days.

Bouquet of ivory roses
Ivory roses are often used in wedding bouquets, including bouquets for bridesmaids.

Yellow rose color meanings

At the end of the 19th century, yellow roses aroused negative emotions. They were assigned a symbol of betrayal and warm memory. The yellow rose today is associated with joy and happiness. Gifting a yellow rose to a best friend conveys warmth.

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and companionship. Given their sunny disposition, yellow roses can be an excellent way to tell someone that you appreciate them this season. Yellow rose meaning focuses on the energy of its color and symbolizes the warmth of the sun, joy, and optimism.

Bouquet of yellow roses
Bouquet of yellow roses

Orange rose color meanings

Orange roses signify enthusiasm, intense passion, and desire. An orange sunrise or sunset often indicates new beginnings and represents friendship. As the middle color in a light spectrum between red and yellow, orange express balance and harmony.

Orange roses are associated with ambiance, creativity, and optimism; it's no wonder that many infuse orange into their daily lives to increase positivity. With such symbolism resonating throughout history, orange roses carry a strength and magnificence that speaks to the human heart.

Bouquet of orange roses
The orange rose is a symbol of friendship

Black rose color meanings

Black roses are striking due to the stark contrast between their black petals and the bright yellow or white centers that form the basis of a classic rose. While black roses used to be hard to find, they are available in various settings, from florist shops to garden centers.

Black rose
Black rose

Perhaps the most famously black rose represents a celebration for those who have achieved great feats in tackling complex challenges – they signify admiration and respect for the courage it takes to make significant changes in the world. The black rose bouquet symbolizes eternal loyalty during the last journey. However, beyond their visual appeal, black roses have come to symbolize a variety of deep meanings, from death and rebirth to heartbreak and final goodbyes.

Blue rose color meanings

Blue roses hold a special meaning that has captivated many over the ages. These unique flowers represent mystery and impossibility, hinting at the unattainable or unachievable. Some see blue roses as symbols of attaining the impossible or blue skies, where your dreams can become a reality.

Blue roses
Blue is a good choice for a rose bouquet that you can give to a friend.

Symbolically, blue roses offer hope and understanding. They are encouraging signs of optimism in dark times and serve as a reminder to never give up on our pursuits. The blue rose symbolism is also associated with the beginning of developing love. With their mysterious beauty, blue roses symbolize wisdom beyond reason, undying faith, and success when all else fails.

Pink rose color meanings

Roses come in many shades of pink, the most popular being: light pink roses, medium pink roses, classic pink roses, deep pink roses, and hot pink roses.

Pink roses
Flower bouquet made of pink roses

The pink rose meaning centers around its delicate beauty. As pink flowers signify admiration, gratitude, and joy, they are often used to let someone know that they have made a strong impression and that the sender of the pink rose is grateful for their impact.

Wedding floral arrangement with pink roses
A pink rose is a great element of floral wedding arrangements.

Furthermore, light pink roses may be sent as tokens of sympathy or comfort in difficult times due to their unconditional love and understanding associated with them. All in all, pink roses hold a special meaning which cannot be expressed with words alone.

Purple rose color meanings

Purple roses
Purple roses

For centuries, purple roses have been viewed as a symbol of enchantment and love at first sight. Over time these purple flowers signify admiration and deep love - even expressing appreciation for someone's accomplishments. In ancient Rome, purple roses were associated with royalty and majesty, while Victorians welcomed purple roses to represent luxury, admiration, and dignity.

Although some may view purple as overwhelming, deep purple roses often convey the perfect combination of grandeur and beauty that not many other flowers can express. Whatever they are used to symbolize, purple roses will always be seen by many as the epitome of noble origin, grace, and elegance. The purple flowers added to the funeral rose bouquet symbolize remembrance and mourning.

Green rose color meanings

Bouquet of green roses
Bouquet of green roses

Green rose meaning is used to convey admiration and appreciation. The green color of green roses symbolizes strength and perseverance, which is why these roses are often given as a sign of blessing for goals and aspirations. In romantic relationships, green roses express personal growth and an overall sense of reassurance that the bond between two people is meaningful and will continue to grow over time.

Green roses are frequently gifted to signify fidelity, devotion, and promise. When giving green roses, the recipient should be sure to savor the precious moment as it is a gentle reminder that relationships take effort to develop and thrive.

Multicolored roses meanings

Multicolored rose
Multicolored rose

A multicolored rose is a special flower that symbolizes various emotions and expresses gratitude. Its colors have different meanings, conveying various messages ranging from joy to sorrow. The multicolored roses express passion and enthusiasm. Yellow multicolored roses can signify friendship and gladness, while white, multicolored roses often mean innocence and purity.

Many shades of multicolored roses can reflect deep emotions, depending on their hue or the number of colors it contains. The brightness and range of colors of multicolored roses provide tremendous fun and are great gifts for a family member.

Lavender roses meaning

The Lavender rose signifies love at first sight, fascination, and adoration. Darker shades of lavender roses give a sense of royal majesty. A bouquet of roses in this color is a good gift for a loved one.

Lavender roses
The lavender roses can be a great choice for a rustic wedding.

The Lavender rose color is associated with purity and nobility. The flower lavender roses mean peace, grace, and attention. Lavender roses will undoubtedly be appreciated by a fan of pastel colors that can be used in floral arrangements during the wedding day. Lavender roses could signify the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Peach roses meaning

Peach roses symbolize gratitude and joy. They are commonly given to celebrate a business arrangement and can signify loyalty. A bouquet of peach roses can also mean the sincerity and authenticity of your feelings. These flowers are the perfect gift to celebrate a business deal. They are also often confused with cream roses and salmon roses.

Bouquet of peach roses
Bouquet of peach roses

Coral roses meaning

Coral Roses are a mix of shades of pink and orange. It is probably the reason why these flowers are called the wild child. They are a symbol of lust, desire, and fascination. A bouquet of these energetic flowers will indeed convey hidden emotions. A coral rose is a perfect way to express your admiration.

Coral roses
Coral roses


Customers most frequently choose the rose mentioned above colors. The interpretation of their meaning varies depending on the intention of the giver. Remember, however, that we can buy aquamarine and rainbow roses. There are also roses with two-color petals and roses that often change color as they fade.

When creating your bouquet for a loved one, remember that the most important thing is the gesture and smile on the face of the person gifted with flowers.