Floral arrangements

Each flower blooms at its own time.

Thanks to plants, we express ourselves, convey emotions and hidden messages. It is not without reason that plants are said to be able to 'express more than a thousand words'. Giving even the smallest flower will certainly bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

Presence of floral arrangements

The presence of floral arrangements like a chameleon can completely change the character and perception of a given place, making it magical and the moments unforgettable. There is a reason that houseplants come back indoors. The prevailing urban jungle trend is conducive to the introduction of greenery into apartments, offices and lounges. It does not matter if you are surrounded by a huge exotic plant or a smaller succulent. Undoubtedly, their presence will have a positive effect on your well-being and health.

If you are interested in decorations and floral arrangements, you've come to the right place!

Unique floral compositions

Unique floral compositions

We create unique compositions. We offer colorful bouquets, flower boxes, fabulous glass gardens, unique table arrangements and occasional decorations. We also provide floral arrangements for events, including wedding, communion and funeral floristry. If you are looking for an original decoration for your home, our assortment also includes beautiful wreaths, both made of live and artificial flowers. We offer aromatic wreaths of herbs, wreaths of dried flowers and Christmas wreaths with Christmas details.

Ecodesign floristry trends

Floristic compositions are made of cut flowers, potted plants and high-quality artificial flowers. You decide! Choose consciously and choose original Horti Advisor arrangements. In our projects, we follow the philosophy of ecodesign and the no-waste principle. We love to combine plant material and natural decorative elements. In our floristic compositions you will find a large number of colorful seasonal flowers, moss, raw stones, bark and other elements that are generally considered not very decorative. Choose the most fashionable ecodesign trend, referring to the naturalness, simplicity and minimalism of floral compositions.

Ecodesign floristry trends

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Floral wreaths floral arrangements

Floral wreaths

Unique flower wreaths are a perfect door decoration, but also an original gift. We offer unique and memorable 'hand made' wreaths made of live and artificial flowers, dried flowers and herbs. Everyone will find something for himself.

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Flower bouquets floral arrangements

Flower bouquets

Any reason is good to give flowers to a loved one. And the best and most common form of handing them out are flower bouquets. We offer beautiful occasional bouquets of seasonal flowers of various kinds.

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Flower box Floral arrangements

Flower box

You have no idea for a gift? Would you like to give flowers to someone, but you are worried about their durability? The flower box is the perfect solution for you. This is a classic with a modern twist. We make flower boxes for every occasion.

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Christmas floristry floral arrangements

Christmas floristry

Christmas floristry is a section covering Christmas and Easter decorations. If you want your home to look unique during the holiday season, choose the decorations we offer: centerpieces, wreaths, wreaths, Christmas trees and others.

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Forest in a jar floral arrangements

Forest in a jar

Compositions in glass are a beautiful decoration that fits perfectly into any interior. These are original arrangements resembling a miniature, fairy-tale land. We offer forests in glass tailored to you and your space.

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Flower arrangements in pots floral card img

Flower arrangements in pots

Themed plantings of potted plants will bring freshness to your home. We offer potted arrangements with the use of herbs, flowering plants, succulents and others. Both from annual and perennial plants.

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