Flower arrangements in pots

Man is an element of nature.

Man is an element of nature, so it is not surprising that we try to surround it every day. Potted plants introduce an element of nature into our interiors, calm down, purify the air and have a therapeutic effect on us. The currently created urban jungle trend says that the more plants in the house, the better. The fashion of the urban jungle is conquering the world.

Plants in containers history

Plants in containers - history

The history of decorating houses with plants in containers goes back to ancient times. For a long time now forgotten species have been hosted on the windowsills: common myrtle and rosemary. In the 17th and 18th centuries, exotic plants such as palm trees, aloe, cacti and fuchsia appeared in the homes of Europeans, which made their owners wealthy. Only in the nineteenth century, potted plants became common and settled in our homes for good. The enormity of plants at home is a domain of the nineties that is just experiencing a renaissance.

Then came the period of sterile rooms devoid of laborious potted plants. Fortunately, the vision of the urban jungle made plants return to favor. Fashionable plants in the urban jungle trend are huge specimens of monstera, ferns, philodendrons, but also forgotten herbaceous plants, threefold and other so-called air purifiers.

Urban jungle fashion

The urban jungle is a fashionable trend that reintroduces plants into the interior of offices, living rooms, houses and apartments. Urban jungle doesn't mean you have to surround yourself with huge specimens of exotic houseplants. The urban jungle encourages the cultivation of all plants. Your very own jungle has to be for you and meet your rules. If you travel a lot and don't have time for capricious plants or just starting to create your own urban jungles, choose succulents. Remember, however, that plants in the house, just like a dog or a cat, need you and your time. Choose plants consciously. Choose species that you like and match your style.

Urban jungle fashion
Plant selection - potted plants

Plant selection is the key to success

Combining several species in a single container gives an interesting effect. However, not all plants are suitable for sharing a position together. There is often competition between them, and the initially impressive composition may lose its decorative value after a few days. Therefore, it is important to know the requirements, biology and morphology of each plant. By choosing our offer, we will help you in the appropriate selection of plants for your interior. We will suggest what position to choose and how to care for each arrangement.

What are the benefits of cultivating pot plants?

Building an urban jungle brings with it many health aspects. Being among the greenery calms you down, promotes relaxation and affects the efficiency of work. Many popular species of indoor plants have air-purifying properties that remove harmful substances. Plants produce oxygen by photosynthesizing. Some species increase the negative air ionization and air humidity in the rooms where they are installed. The benefits of growing houseplants are numerous, and growing them does not have to be difficult.

Benefits of potted plants - Horti Advisor
Plants to choose for pot floral arrangement

Which plants to choose?

In our offer you will find various species of potted plants, both decorative from leaves and beautifully flowering. We will help you in choosing the species. We offer multi-species plantings and single potted plants. If you feel you 'have no hands for plants', don't worry. We will advise you on what position to choose for each species and provide professional advice on cultivation and care.

Greenery for the office

It was confirmed that the presence of plants has a positive effect on work efficiency. Plant elements increase the aesthetic value of a given place, making it more friendly and ecological. In addition, plants, by photosynthesizing, purify the air of harmful substances. Therefore, if you are looking for greenery for your office, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We have professional staff who, thanks to their knowledge and experience, will quickly examine the conditions and possibilities of plant location in your office, and then deliver the best plants.

Greenery for the office potted plants
How do we work - floral arrangements

How do we work?

After prior appointment, we come to the site to determine the habitat conditions and the possibility of plant location, taking into account the customer's preferences regarding the choice of species, color, size and style of pots.

Then we prepare an initial cost estimate, taking into account the materials and work related to the introduction of floral arrangements to a given space.

The order is carried out in our studio, where we plant plants in selected pots, taking into account their soil preferences.

We deliver the prepared greenery to the indicated place. Then we arrange the interiors so that each of the plants has the best conditions for growth and development. We conduct training and provide instructions on plant care.

We offer a service at the customer's office related to weekly or seasonal plant care.