Forest in a jar

Your own, closed piece of nature.

The forest in a jar or a garden in glass is a closed in a vessel is an ideal proposition for lovers of natural, plant arrangements. Properly matching species and decorative elements ensures a unique effect of plants enclosed in a glass interior. When creating our glass gardens, we always follow not only the basic principles of composition, but also the appropriate matching of non-competing plants. When creating a garden in glass, we make every effort to ensure that all compositions create an effective and picturesque whole. Each proposed by us copy is a unique composition, which we create with the heart, taking care of the smallest detail when planting the plants.

Forest in a jar

Why and for whom the forest in a jar?

It is said that forests in a jar are said to be perfect for people who do not have a hand for flowers. In fact, plant care in such ecosystems is simplified compared to growing in traditional pots. However, this does not mean that plants can be left to themselves. Glass gardens should also be looked after. Therefore, if you want to become the owner of such an extraordinary garden and at the same time be sure that the plants growing in it were not chosen by chance, and you expect a professional approach to the customer, you've come to the right place. We deal with the implementation of forests in jar paying attention to every detail. Do not hesitate and order taylored to your needs forest in a jar!