Floristry workshops

Flowers always make people happy.

Florist workshops are one of the forms of hortitherapy, where plants affect almost all of our senses. Floristic workshops are manual classes that allow you to discover new passions or improve the existing ones, they motivate and shape the sense of form, style and taste. Moreover, creative activity in a group develops creativity and motivates to action, so the participants of floristic workshops inspire each other.

Who is floristry workshops for

Who is floristry workshops for?

We offer floristic workshops for hobbyists on any subject, both for children, adolescents and adults. Florist workshops can be a great idea as integration activities for employees of companies and offices. We adapt the themes to the season or the upcoming holidays. Any compositions made belong to their creators, which they can then take home with them. Each of the floristic classes is preceded by an insightful theory.

Floristry workshops as a gift

Floristic workshops are also a great gift idea for a loved one. We offer organized and individual workshops. We are mobile and we can easily reach the place indicated by you. Give a gift that will enable the development of talent and make the dreams of every flower lover come true.

Floristry workshops as a gift
Topics on floristry workshops

Topics of floristry workshops

We offer floristic workshops on the following topics:

  • Forest in a jar
  • Rustic bouquets
  • Wreaths for every season
  • Flower box
  • Vertical gardens
  • Table arrangements
  • Moss images

Floristry workshops for children:

  • Creating mini bouquets and compositions in pots

Examples of our floristry workshops

Floristry workshops - forest in a jar

Floristry workshops 'Forest in a jar'

The 'Forest in glass' floristry workshops are very popular among our clients. During the workshops, we provide a lot of knowledge on the selection of plants and the use of an appropriate substrate and care of gardens closed in a jar. We make magic forests in glass that, when closed, create their own ecosystem.

Floristry workshops - rustic bouquet

Floristry workshops 'Rustic bouquets'

Rustic bouquets is a proposal of floristry workshops for people who want to learn the basic secrets of creating floral bouquets, and at the same time learn to combine colors, species and accessories to create rustic compositions. This form of floristry workshops will undoubtedly be liked by fans of natural floral decorations.

Floristry workshops - flower box

Floristry workshops 'Flower box'

The 'Flower box' floristry workshops are creative activities aimed at people of different age groups. During the workshop you will learn how to protect a box against seepage, you will learn the basic principles of creating a composition. We will teach you to prepare the plants to obtain a beautiful flower box effect.

Floristry workshops - table arrangements

Floristry workshops 'Table arrangements'

This is an excellent floristry workshop, during which you will learn how to create beautiful table decorations. We will tell you how to choose plant material depending on the circumstances. During the Christmas period, we conduct workshops on Christmas decorations, and in spring, with Easter arrangements. The floristry workshop 'Table arrangements' is also about creating floral table decorations for weddings and birthdays.

Floristry workshops - wreaths for every season

Floristry workshops 'Wreaths for every season'

By participating in these floristry workshops, you will learn the technique of creating flower wreaths and you will learn which plant species to choose so that your arrangement stays fresh as long as possible. The workshops are aimed at various age groups. The subject of the classes can be any. During Advent, we conduct workshops on Advent wreaths, in spring - on Easter wreaths, and in summer our workshops focus on colorful, floral wreaths. We also run floral workshops on wreath weaving at the hen party.

Floristry workshops - vertical gardens

Floristry workshops 'Vertical gardens'

'Vertical Gardens' is a proposal of floristry workshops for those who like unusual solutions. Vertical gardens called vertical gardens are a great alternative for gardening fans who do not have enough space to enjoy the beauty of plants. We will teach you how to set up a mini vertical garden, we will tell you about vertical plant cultivation and we will suggest what possibilities are created by vertical plantings.

Floristry workshops - christmas centerpieces

Floristry workshops 'Christmas centerpieces'

In the pre-Christmas period, we run workshops on Christmas. Christmas centerpieces are a proposal for people who want to decorate their home with hand-made centerpieces. During the workshops, we will provide you with a lot of knowledge about the tradition of Christmas decorations and we will teach you how to create your own Christmas ornament while maintaining the basic principles of floristry.

Floristry workshops - moss art

Floristry workshops 'Moss art'

Moss paintings are more and more frequent interior decorations classified as vertical plant decorations. Our workshops are aimed at everyone who wants to explore the secrets of these fashionable floral compositions. We will teach you to create moss images and tell you about their care and durability.

Floristry workshops - floral head wreath

Floristry workshops 'Floral head wreaths'

Head wreaths are an original floral ornament that will add charm to every woman. Workshops on creating subtle wreaths are a great idea to diversify a hen party and other women's party. This form of workshops will undoubtedly appeal to fans of rustic, floral decorations.

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Trust our team with many years of experience in the floristic industry, as well as high teaching skills. Thanks to this, your time spent during floristic workshops will certainly be used effectively.

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