Funeral floristry

Flowers are able to express
more than a thousand words.

Flowers are an analogy of human life, a symbol of fragility and transience, a symbolic gesture of farewell. During the funeral ceremony, they are to raise the rank of the event, and make the ceremony itself solemn and unique. No wonder that they accompany us during the farewell ceremony of people close to us.

Funeral floristry - Roman funeral wreath, coniferous deciduous

A wreath, a funeral bunch or a bouquet?

Depending on the circumstances, when saying goodbye to a loved one, you can choose a beautiful funeral wreath, an impressive coffin decoration or an urn decoration. Each of these forms is appropriate to say goodbye to a loved one. Funeral wreaths, due to their size, are intended mainly for the closest family or a group of work friends. The funeral bunch and bouquet are smaller versions of the farewell flower arrangements that are usually brought by members of the extended family. In funeral floristry, we more and more often choose compositions in the shape of a heart, pillow or cross.

Funeral floristry

Our propositions

Funeral coffin decoration

Floral coffin decoration

Floral decoration of various shapes and sizes, fixed to the coffin.

Floral coffin decoration

Heart shaped funeral flower arrangement

Flower arrangement in the shape of a heart. Made of flowers and twigs of evergreen plants or flowers themselves.

Trapezoid shaped funeral floral arrangement

Trapezoid shaped funeral floral arrangement

A flat, floral sacrificial composition made of flowers and cut greenery, trapezoidal shape.

Flower selection

The choice of flowers and their colors is an individual matter. Chrysanthemums (Dendranthema Des Moul), roses (Rosa L.) and anthuria (Anthurium L.) are traditionally selected for the last farewell. However, it is worth giving up traditional solutions in favor of delicate but equally beautiful eustom (Eustoma grandiflora L.) and alstromeria (Alstroemeria). Not only the species, but most of all the color is of key importance. Flowers with light, pastel shades will be the most suitable. This does not mean, however, that flowers of a vivid color cannot be selected for the farewell ceremony.

Regardless of the color and species of plants we choose, what counts is the memory and symbolism of the gesture.

Choosing flowers for a funeral
Flower arrangements for All Saints and All Souls' Day

Sacrifice floristry

Flower compositions for All Saints and All Souls' Day

This is a special time for many of us. We meet at the graves of the dead, lighting candles and offer flowers to God. This custom has been with us for hundreds of years, and plants are its essential element. The floral composition at All Saints is a symbol, an expression of respect and longing for the deceased person.

The most popular products are flower arrangements in the form of centerpieces, bouquets for vases and sets. We offer traditional flower arrangements created according to modern trends. Made of live flowers, elegant artificial or dried flowers.


As a company with sustainable operation, we prefer ecodesign and durable and effective eco arrangements. However, if you have your own vision of the flower arrangement - don't worry. Contact us with your guidelines and we will do our best to complete your order at the highest level.

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