Gardening consultancy

There are no mistakes in gardening,
there are only experiments.

Are you worried about your plants? Are you worried about their appearance or do you see symptoms of a disease? Or maybe you are wondering about the rules of caring for a given plant? We offer you professional gardening consultancy. We advise on the selection of plants, position, care and combating unwanted pests.

Gardening consultancy - Horti Advisor

Choose wisely

Often in perennial gardens it turns out that plants that were small have grown excessively, and beautiful flower beds have created a thicket of plants. Sometimes we get bored with the appearance of the garden, or we dream about certain species of plants that we introduce to our collection. However, changes introduced in perennial plantings require a lot of knowledge about the requirements and position so as not to disturb the balance in the garden and achieve the desired effect. Take advantage of our advice and the help of professional garden advisors.

Gardening consultancy - scope of services

We offer professional help and professional gardening advice on any problem related to gardening, regardless of whether it is a forest in a jar, a potted plant or a huge garden. Our approach to advisory work is always based on specialist theoretical knowledge and many years of experience with gardening practice. We know that every customer, just like a plant, is special and one of a kind, so we base our cooperation on an in-depth interview in order to delve into the problem.

Professional gardening consultants

As a team of specialists with many years of experience, we will help you in the cultivation and protection of your garden. Let us help you and your plants.

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