Gardening workshops

To set up a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Gardening workshops are the most effective learning method, therefore we offer fun-based activities. Nothing will develop creativity more than working alone. The use of plants in gardening workshops and their impact on the human body makes them unique. Our gardening workshops cover many topics: from pruning, to the art of growing and caring for plants, to creating homemade plant-based delicacies.

Gardening workshops - Horti Advisor

Who are the gardening workshops for?

We offer plant-based workshops adapted to the age of the participants. Gardening workshops are aimed at various groups of people: workshops for kindergartens, workshops for schools, workshops for seniors, integration workshops for companies. During the classes, we can set up a mini garden, vegetable box or mini rockery, create herbal butters, oils and cosmetics. The subject of gardening workshops can be any and can refer to ornamental plants, vegetables and herbs as well as exotic potted plants.

Dedicated gardening workshops for companies

Gardening workshops can be a great, integrative gift for colleagues. Having fun and learning new skills is a perfect opportunity to integrate your team. What do you think about creating your own glass forest then placing it on your desk at work or taking it home?

Gardening workshops are also a great way to promote your brand. Thanks to the workshops, you can:

  • Thank your contractor
  • Give a gift to employees
  • Arrange interesting attractions at the event
  • Promote your own company or product
Dedicated gardening workshops for companies
Gardening workshop as a gift

Gardening workshops as a gift

If you want to give a loved one an individual gardening workshop, write to us. We are mobile and we can reach you. Give a gift that will allow you to develop talent and make the dreams of a gardening soul come true.

Why gardening workshops?

The beneficial influence of plants on our health was emphasized by the father of medicine - Hippokrates, and his famous words Medicus curat, natura sanat (from Latin "Doctor treats nature heals") have remained unchanged for over 2,000 years. The main goal of gardening workshops is fun. And an additional side effect is relaxation and stress reduction. Usually, the course of gardening workshops takes two forms - active and passive. The first one involves the active participation of workshop participants in gardening: preparation of the substrate, sowing, caring for plants during the growing season, creating plantings, etc. The passive form of the workshop consists in staying among plants and focusing on sensory experiences.

Do not wait and learn more about the beneficial effects of plants on your health and well-being today. Expand your knowledge and practical skills. The workshops are conducted by the founder and originator of our website, Emilia Mikulewicz. Use her experience, knowledge and skills to polish your gardening talent.

Why gardening workshops

Examples of gardening workshops

Mini garden gardening workshops

Garden workshops 'mini garden'

We provide participants with a lot of knowledge about the cultivation and care of plants closed in small forms such as pots and boxes. In such a garden, you can combine arable crops with ornamental plants. Do you want to find out which species have a positive effect on your height and which on the contrary, and what should be followed when selecting them? We invite you to 'mini garden' gardening workshops.

'Ecofriendly and no waste' gardening workshops

'Ecofriendly and no waste' gardening workshops

This is our favorite offer of gardening workshops. We advise and inspire how to give a second life to plant material such as bark, twigs, moss, etc. The philosophy of these gardening workshops focuses precisely on the no waste principle, i.e. the complete use of the material. During the workshops, we combine gardening knowledge with floristic skills. The result are beautiful wreaths and table decorations.

Gardening workshops 'traditional butter and herbal oils'

Gardening workshops 'traditional butter and herbal oils'

Nothing tastes better than your own healthy herb butter and aromatic oil. In gardening workshops, we will teach you how to create these delicious specialties. We will suggest what to consider when choosing herbs for kitchen arrangements and how to store them so that they retain ingredients valuable for our health for longer.

'Rockery at home' gardening workshop

'Rockery at home' gardening workshop

'Rockery at home' is an ideal gardening workshop for lovers of cacti and other succulents. We do not know other such graceful and maintenance-free plants. During the workshops, we suggest and show how to create your own arrangement based on succulents and stones. We select dishes and substrates, we teach care so that your floral arrangement is always beautiful.

'Urban jungle' gardening workshops

'Urban jungle' gardening workshops

This type of gardening workshop is very popular. During them, you will learn about the impact of potted plants on your health, where to place them and how to get the most out of them. 'Urban jungle' gardening workshops are also about creating home arrangements with the use of potted plants that are easy to grow. Learn about their care.

'Kokedama' gardening workshops

'Kokedama' gardening workshops

Kokedama is a younger form of plant arrangement, derived from the Japanese art of bonsai. It requires precision and patience from the participants both in creating the composition and selecting plants. The workshops are aimed at lovers of simplicity and elegance in one. During these gardening workshops you will learn the secrets of kokedama. We will suggest what to consider when selecting plants and give tips on their care.

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