Vegetables are herbaceous plants whose leaves, roots, flowers, and stems are used by humans as food. They belong to many families and come from different parts of the world. Currently, around 250 plant species are used as vegetables in the world.

The belonging of edible plants to vegetables has been established on the basis of their edibility and nutritional properties. Vegetables are the basic source of vitamins and nutrients that affect human condition and health. Due to the different botanical groups and climatic requirements, vegetables require different cultivation conditions and agrotechnical treatments that contribute to obtaining a high-quality crop.

At HortiAdvisor, you will learn what agrotechnical treatments will be helpful in growing vegetable plants. We will tell you how to use the natural allelopathic relationships between plants to enjoy organic vegetables from your own vegetable garden. In general, it is a compendium of knowledge about groups of vegetable plants and their comprehensive use.

Where did tomatoes originate?

Tomatoes are not easy to grow due to their exotic origin. Knowing their origins makes it easier to understand their environmental requirements. Check where did tomatoes originate.

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