Wedding floristry

Wedding floristry

Wedding floristry is a floristry section where you will find inspiring information about wedding floral arrangements, wedding halls, church and car decorations. Wedding floristry is also the preparation of plant decorations accompanying this unique event.

The first wedding decorations appeared in antiquity. They were green wreaths interspersed with flowers that the spouses wore on their heads. Hand-held bouquets appeared only in the era of romanticism, developing and transforming to modern times.

Today, wedding floristry is the entirety of decorations creating a harmonious and coherent whole, emphasizing the character and uniqueness of the Bride and Groom. Contemporary wedding decorations differ from the classic prototypes, requiring fantasy and creativity from florists.

Here you will find information on what to consider when choosing flowers and compositions for the wedding and reception. Wedding floristry also includes styles of arrangement, selection of a dress, plants, jewelry and a bouquet to match the bride's beauty. In addition, you will also learn about contemporary wedding trends.

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