Gardening tips

Gardening tips

You may have recently discovered just how fun gardening can be. Or maybe the last emotions related to the cultivation of the first plant ignited a spark of passion for gardening in you? Whether you are a passionate beginner or have many years of experience in growing plants, there are some rules and tips which are worth to know.

Are you ready to create your dream garden, vegetable garden, orchard, or maybe a composition of potted plants that will decorate the corner of your home? Check and see for yourself that gardening is not only planting flowers, but also a vast theoretical and practical knowledge, thanks to which you will better understand the needs of your plants.

On Horti Advisor, you will learn why plants need flowers and how they have adapted in the course of evolution to become beautiful and valuable organisms without which life on earth could not exist.

Whether you are a beginner and need some tips to get you started, or an experienced gardener looking to expand or consolidate your knowledge, this section is for you.

How to make an allergy friendly garden?

Allergens float in the air, build up on leaves, clothes and hair, making life difficult for allergy sufferers. Learn how to build an allergy-friendly garden with the least possible condensation of seasonal allergens.

How to garden with allergies?

Creating a garden for allergy sufferers is possible, and working in such a garden can do without seasonal allergic reactions and hay fever. Find out how to garden with allergies.

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